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This 6-topic series (7 weeks) with a one-day event will meet every Wednesday evening starting October 8th through December 3rd.  In this journey of discovery, you’ll learn about your identity, power, authority and destiny in Christ Jesus.  This seminar and one day event will be an avenue the Lord will use in this restoration process, establishing our roots as He nurtures, prunes and matures us in righteousness for His Glory!

Session One:  Knowing the Father

Session Two:  Walk in the Spirit  (Learn how to hear God’s voice.)

Session Three:  Committing everything to God  (Learn how to trust and obey the Lord by the leading of the Holy Spirit.)

Session Four:  Speaking words of Life  (Discover what the Word of God says about you.)

Session Five:  Entering the Cleansing Stream  (See God’s plan of restoration for you, your life and relationships.)

– 1 Day Event —  (Experience God’s miraculous love, peace and power.)

Session Six:  Pressing towards the goal  (Learn to live the adventure of the journey you’ve begun!)


For more information, contact: Belle Cagas at or call 818-472-3581.

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