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God’s great blessings to you from all of us here at FCF!!!

We pray that you be blessed in any way with your visit to this site. But more than this, we also pray that you can visit us in any of our gatherings if you haven’t yet done so. We would really like for you to know us better and for us to know you better as well. And altogether, we can all grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To start with, let me share a bit about myself. I was a former international entertainer. I got to visit different countries doing what I loved to do: singing and dancing. But those were interests that were not my highest priority. I wanted to be a fighter pilot or a medical doctor. But God had other plans. He aborted my plans, saved me, and called me into the pastorate.

I started pastoring in 1994 here in this very same amazing church entity. It has been an extremely rewarding journey of ministry for me. I am an enormously blessed husband to a specially gifted and exceedingly loving wife – Lilibeth, fondly referred to as Bing. Our blessings are multiplied with three incredible kids: Danniebelle, Sharaleah Kay, and Bethel Aubrey. Add to this our little precious granddaughter Shannen Julia and you can easily predict how amazing my home life is.

With a remarkable love and support from my home and my church family, I consider myself a man tremendously blessed. My highest desire is that in return, I too may be no less than a true blessing to my God, my family, the church, to all the Lord brings to the church, and to all the Lord brings us to.

Love in Him,

Ptr. Adrian Ona

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