About us

First, we are all about loving God. We exist for His glory alone. All we are and all we do are but for His glory alone. We believe that it is all about Him. It is not about us, our religion, our denomination, our accomplishments, our facilities, our agenda, our budget, anything else or anyone else. God is man’s greatest need. God ought to be in the heart of every person. God ought to be every person’s highest desire if not the sole desire. We encourage everyone to find their purpose from Him Who alone is worth the highest worship. We don’t want anyone to settle for anything less.

Second, we are about loving each other, loving you. God taking residence in our hearts – God who loves us with His pure and unconditional love – this love finds its expression and demonstration as well among us: His children, His followers, His people. Everyone needs love. Often, the searches end in hurt and tears. We have found God, we have found love in its highest form. This is what everyone needs; this is what we share; this is what we give.

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